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Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility
Our mission is to make the world a safer place. We strive to develop our business to have the capacity to respond to today’s challenges while thinking about preserving the future. This is why we adhere to ESG principles: preserving the environment, helping people, and implementing good corporate governance practices.
We are minimising our environmental footprint
Technological transformation has allowed us to cut down massively on using paper in all of our business processes, and reduce our office space by more than a third. Meanwhile, insurance is becoming more accessible to more people: our digital platform has enabled us to expand our presence countrywide, working with our agents and partners online.

We are also helping improve traffic issues and curbing CO2 emissions by offering innovative products for car sharing as well as attractive auto insurance deals.

We were the first in Russia to offer a unique insurance product for car sharing, securing our foothold in this market – our share today stands at 65%. Car sharing reduces the number of cars that commute to the city, which improves the traffic situation and reduces carbon emissions.

We help car-sharing companies build scoring systems for drivers (penalising bad drivers and rewarding good ones); we also help companies fight scammers. These help to reduce the number of bad drivers on the roads.

We have unique options for EV insurance: we encourage clients to use electric vehicles by offering better insurance deals, which leads to a reduction in carbon emissions that are produced by internal combustion engines.

We are optimising our eco-friendly office space. Since late 2019, we have reduced our office space area by 35% on average at HQ. Since 2020, we have been replacing regular lamps with energy-saving bulbs and LED lighting. We reduce, reuse and recycle. We have been segregating waste such as batteries, plastic bottles, lamps and paper.
We care about our clients and employees
Human beings are at the centre of everything we do. Our clients don’t need to waste time on the phone or in face-to-face meetings with our staff – everything can be done online in our inclusive digital environment.

We give our employees the opportunity to work and develop professionally, which has earned us a reputation of one of Russia’s best employers in the industry.

Working with large volumes of data demands great attention to cybersecurity. We are constantly introducing new security solutions while also updating existing ones. We created the first option available in the market for clients to do pre-insurance inspection themselves. Now the client can fill out an application form online anywhere and at any time, proceed with the inspection, sign the forms, pay the premium and receive their insurance policy online without the involvement of our employees.

This saves the client many trips to our office or phone calls.

In bad weather, the car won’t need to be washed twice because it got dirty on the journey from the car wash to the inspection; all photos can be taken right after the car wash. Online options take the paper component out of ‘paperwork’. Technologies broaden the company’s potential for expansion, reaching anyone with internet access and thus making insurance more accessible to the public.

In line with our mission, we support and implement technological solutions to assist in preventing traffic accidents.

For example, we have launched a pilot project in collaboration with Antison: special equipment installed in the cab of a truck or bus can track drivers for signs of falling asleep and – if it happens – wakes them up with an audio signal.

We continue to develop online technologies for our clients – all our main services are already available via our official website or through our mobile app. In 2020, we made it possible to file car accident reports for comprehensive insurance claims through our website or app. Around 68% of our clients now use this option. In addition, clients with third-party-liability insurance will find all the respective services available to them via their online account. It shows all the client’s insurance policies, claims, as well as loyalty programme privileges.

We have launched a single API enabling clients to quickly apply for a wide range of products from one company, while partners can build an ecosystem for various client segments across complementary product offers. The API makes insurance more widely available, as it enables any partner to easily connect to it.

In 2020, we continued developing our cybersecurity policies with the goal of introducing new measures while upgrading existing solutions to counter emerging threats. We have implemented state-of-the-art solutions to boost reaction effectiveness and incident management, including:

  • configuring a system for collecting and analysing information security events;
  • implementing a system for preventing leaks of confidential information;
  • developing a system for raising user awareness of cybersecurity issues based on “white phishing” and preparing training materials;
  • implementing a tool for scanning the company’s infrastructure and services for vulnerabilities;
  • conducting breach tests to verify the level of protection of the company’s web services.
We support charitable and social foundations and projects
We are making the world cleaner, and we are helping children. We are a member of the Kind Caps Russian environmental charity volunteer project.
We provide opportunities for the all-around development of our employees: training, sports and healthcare
In 2020, we launched an in-house training project called SkillUp, which we continue to develop; 36 employees have taken part in the project as trainer-developers. During this time, 678 people have been trained, and 29 new training courses have been developed.

More than three thousand applications were accepted for training in 2020.

In 2021, together with elc and Netology, our biggest partners in the online education market, 28 new thematic courses were prepared to help develop key competencies among staff. In addition, a guide was produced on building skills to easily navigate the company’s development tools.

Our employees have access to the Alpina digital corporate library, which contains selected books on various topics.

In 2021, we held the Self-Care Month challenge as well as regular online training courses. Our football team takes part in the tournament of the All-Russian Union of Insurers and the annual Expert RA Cup in indoor football among financial organisations.
We are constantly improving and expanding benefits for employees
We offer psychological support for employees to protect their mental health and reduce stress.

We provide comfortable and safe working conditions.

During the pandemic, we took a series of measures to provide additional protection and support for employees:
  • arranging remote work for employees whose business processes allowed it;
  • providing employees with personal protective equipment (masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes);
  • monitoring the health of employees in the workplace: regular temperature checks (twice a day), COVID-19 testing, disinfecting office space;
  • arranging vaccination for employees in the workplace and the providing an additional day off in case an employee was feeling unwell;
  • conducting webinars and educational events on current medical topics;
  • installing Desar-3 combination irradiators and air purifiers in all open spaces at HQ.

The company’s offices provide a variety of workspace formats: open space, various meeting rooms and co-working spaces for team meetings. There are waiting rooms and relaxation areas, convenient kitchens with coffee points and other functional areas. We strive to provide the most comfortable working conditions possible for our employees. We conduct special assessments of working conditions and of compliance with safety standards related to ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological safety of employees
We work with the market and the regulator to develop the insurance industry
Renaissance Insurance is a member of the following self-regulatory organisations:
  • All-Russian Union of Insurers, since 11 July 2006, registration No. 054;
  • Russian Association of Motor Insurers, 19 March 2003, registration No. 0072;
  • National Union of Liability Insurers, since 28 December 2011, registration No. 049.
Renaissance Insurance is a member of the following associations and unions:
  • International Association of Engineering Insurers (IMIA);
  • Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Russian Anti-terrorism Insurance Pool.
Key employees are part of the working groups of these self-regulatory organisations and associations and unions.
We are constantly improving corporate governance
Guided by internationally recognised best practices, we strive to improve our corporate governance structure and process. The members of the Board of Directors are qualified, experienced professionals, who are able to make objective, independent judgements; three of the Directors are independent.

We are creating a culture of open and transparent feedback by sharing our results and plans with employees on an annual basis and regularly reviewing our incentives and compensation system.

We have been implementing a Fraud Prevention Programme since 2013. We have a “Lossless Business” hotline in place.
We are working hard to develop our corporate culture.
One of our strategic focuses is cultural transformation
We are building a culture of open and transparent feedback
  • Every year we hold a Big Demo and a strategic offsite event, where we tell employees about the company’s results, what we can be proud of, what went wrong and why, how we can fix it in the future and what plans we have ahead of us. Employees can question business-stream leaders directly and get first-hand answers.
  • eNPS is our benchmark for HR decision-making, which is based on the opinions of our employees.
We promote a value-based approach to our work: we make sure that employees who operate in line to our values are rewarded: we review our system of incentives and remuneration for our best employees based on the results of an annual assessment.

We are introducing a service approach: using the Atlas corporate portal, we are creating HR services for employees that are easy to receive in one place and in just a few clicks. In 2021, our Atlas portal took second place at the Russian Intranet Awards competition in the main category of “Best Intranet of the Year”.

We are becoming a self-learning organization: in order for employees to be able to acquire the knowledge they need quickly, we created a competency guide and launched our SkillUp project, where employees themselves are the experts, helping their co-workers master new skills and competencies. For example, staff from the Automation and Robotics Centre taught our lawyers to create their own robots in order to minimise their routine work.

We are heading in the direction Insure Tech: we are launching a Culture of Innovation pilot project, where employees will be able to acquire new digital skills and solve real cases for our business by applying their knowledge in practice. This project is a real challenge for us, and we believe that we will succeed.
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