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Green focus is the responsibility of large and responsible businesses. By investing in Renaissance Insurance, you are making a contribution to the future of our planet. We save natural resources, materials and energy, minimize environmental impact.

Office space optimization
Since late 2019, we have reduced office space by an average of 35% in our Headquarters. We made sure that only energy-saving and LED bulbs are used in our offices.
Saving trees
We moved insurance processes (including agent network processes) and claim handling processes online. Our online services are simple, user friendly and enable to minimize paperwork. We switched over to an internal electronic document management system and our goal is to use this system with all our partners.

Furthermore, we stopped printing advertising and promotion materials. All these materials and insurance related paperwork are available online. This digital approach enables us to minimize paper used in all our business processes.
Waste minimization
We have implemented battery, accumulator, plastic bottles, bulb and waste paper recycling project. We also collect unused or broken equipment for recycling purposes.
Short-term car rental helps to minimize traffic in the city center, traffic jams, emission.

We are not only supporting business models following this trend, we are leaders: we are the first company to offer a unique car sharing insurance product. At the moment, 65% of car sharing cars are insured with Renaissance Insurance.

We joined efforts with our partners and designed car subscription services with Volvo and KIA. We cooperate with the largest new ecosystems and autosubscription services: YandexDrive, Delimobil, SberAutosubscription, Avis, Mashina.
We are sure that sharing economy is the future
We have insurance products and optimal rates for "environmentally friendly" services. We will continue to support those who consciously use sustainable transport.

We were one of the first companies to enter the kick sharing market: life, health and liability insurance for those who rent scooters. We are among the top three insurance companies in this segment. Electric scooter rental services offer a double benefit for the planet: zero-carbon eco-transport and one-time consumption reduction. And we make scooter trips safer for riders, drivers and pedestrians.
We support state- of- the industry transport Eco trend
We are one of the first companies to insure electric cars in 2018 and develop infrastructure for cars without internal combustion engines. We are offering inexpensive insurance products with service support options to owners of electric vehicles.

We have executed an agreement with the largest supplier of electric vehicles in Russia - Electrodrive. We are planning to install charge stations: free of charge or at a special price for our clients. All these actions will encourage more drivers to switch to green transport.
We are developing electric vehicle market in Russia
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