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Corporate governance
Renaissance Insurance complies with the corporate governance requirements applicable to Russian public companies listed on Moscow Exchange and is committed to implementing good practices in corporate governance that will ensure that the Company is run in a way that creates value for all stakeholders. The key governance bodies are the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Management Board and the Chief Executive Officer. The Board of Directors has committees with specialised functions, and there is a separate Internal Control and Audit Department. In addition, the Company maintains an Internal Audit Commission.

Yulia Gadliba

CEO, Chair of the Management Board

Yulia was appointed CEO of Renaissance Insurance in November 2016.

Having joined the Company in 2008, she first headed up the Sales Support Centre, and then took part in one of the largest business process automation projects regarding claims settlement, while at the same time heading the Auto Insurance Claims Settlement Department in the North-west region.

Since 2012, Yulia has been the head of retail sales for the entire Company. Since 2013, she has been in charge of the entire retail division, including sales, settlement, underwriting, marketing and quality control. Yulia, who has been working in insurance since 2003, graduated from the Strategic Management Department at the Higher School of Economics.

Oleg Kiselev

CEO, Chair of the Management Board at Renaissance Life

Fr om 1996 to 2000, Oleg worked in Australia, wh ere he rose fr om insurance agent to regional director at the Combined Insurance Company of Australia.

Since 2000, he has worked in various managerial positions at Froesch, EuroChem and Pechoraneft. In 2005, he joined Renaissance Life, wh ere he was the Managing Director until 2012. In July 2012, he was appointed CEO of Renaissance Life.

Oleg graduated from the Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under the Government of Moscow with a degree in finance and credit.

Renaissance Insurance Group

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