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Renaissance Insurance announces intention to float on Moscow Exchange

Renaissance Insurance Group JSC (“Renaissance Insurance” or the “Company”, and together with its consolidated subsidiaries, the “Group”), a Russian diversified independent insurance company, today announces its intention to conduct an initial public offering (the “Offering”) of ordinary shares (the “Ordinary Shares”) and to list on Moscow Exchange. The Offering is expected to comprise an offering of the Ordinary Shares (i) in the Russian Federation, (ii) otherwise outside the United States in reliance on Regulation S (“Regulation S”) under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and (iii) within the United States to certain qualified institutional buyers (“QIBs”) as defined in, and in reliance on, Rule 144A (“Rule 144A”) under the Securities Act.
The Offering is expected to consist of (i) a primary offering of new Ordinary Shares (the “Primary Shares”) to raise up to RUB 21 billion and (ii) a secondary offering of existing Ordinary Shares (the “Secondary Shares”) by certain shareholders of the Company (the “Selling Shareholders”). Proceeds from the primary component of the Offering will be used to accelerate the Group’s development by financing organic growth, investments in further digital initiatives, potential value-accretive acquisitions and the possible repurchase of shares following the results of stabilisation in connection with the Offering.

Boris Jordan, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renaissance Insurance, said:
“Today’s announcement represents a landmark for Renaissance Insurance and a watershed moment in the history of the Russian insurance market. Becoming the first publicly-listed Russian insurer would be entirely fitting for a company that has always sought to be ahead of the curve ever since we established it almost three decades ago. We were the first in our industry to recognise the potential of digital transformation and have disrupted the market with a business model that is high-tech, highly efficient and highly profitable. Digitalisation has been the core driver behind Renaissance Insurance delivering faster and more profitable growth than the overall market for the past several years, including during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Today, our business is highly digitalised. We use the latest technologies and tools such as AI-guided decision-making and big data-powered scoring across the company, enabling us to offer smart online tariffs, manage our risks flexibly and in real time, and ensure claims can be settled in minutes. We also have a unique API that can integrate our insurance products into the ecosystems of new bank and marketplace partners in a matter of hours, compared to other solutions that take more than a month, enabling us to expand our distribution capabilities faster and more efficiently. Our business model is incredibly flexible and scalable at minimum additional cost. This means we can enter new fast-growing segments such as shared mobility insurance as well as new geographies in Russia wherever we see opportunities, and it positions us to act as an efficient consolidator in the market through value-accretive acquisitions.

“Throughout our digital transformation we have stayed faithful to our core belief in putting the customer first. In doing so, we have set new standards for service quality in our market. The customer journey – from onboarding to claims settlement – can be completed entirely online and in a fraction of the time that the same processes would take with traditional insurers, with no need to visit an office. By making insurance accessible and easy to understand for our more than 4 million customers, it is no exaggeration to say that in doing this we have fundamentally changed popular perceptions of insurance in Russia.

“Our highly experienced management team has an outstanding track record of growth and profitability, and I would like to thank them for their shared vision and commitment. Today, Renaissance Insurance is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the rapid growth of the Russian insurance market, thanks to the strategic advantages created by our digital business model, leading market positions and ability to capitalise on new opportunities rapidly and efficiently. I am confident that we have many more years of growth ahead of us and I look forward to taking the Renaissance Insurance story to the global investment community.”

Expected Offering highlights

• The Offering is expected to consist of an offering by the Company of Primary Shares and an offering of Secondary Shares by the Selling Shareholders. The Selling Shareholders are expected to comprise (i) Sputnik Management Services Limited and its affiliate Holding Renaissance Insurance LLC (whose main beneficial owners are Boris Alexis Jordan, Mary Louise Ferrier, Dmitry Bakatin and Sergei Riabtsov), (ii) Notivia Ltd (beneficially owned by Baring Vostok), (iii) Laypine Ltd (beneficially owned by Alexander Abramov), (iv) Bladeglow Limited (beneficially owned by Alexander Frolov), and (v) Andrey Gorodilov.

• The primary proceeds of the Offering are expected to amount to up to RUB 21 billion. The proceeds from the primary offering will be used to finance organic growth, digital investments, inorganic business development and potential repurchase of shares following the results of stabilisation activities in connection with the Offering.

• Proceeds to be used for potential stabilisation in connection with the Offering shall comprise 15% of the total Offering size, split pro rata between primary and secondary proceeds.

• The Offering is expected to comprise an offering of the Ordinary Shares (i) in the Russian Federation, (ii) otherwise outside the United States in reliance on Regulation S under the Securities Act, and (iii) within the United States to certain QIBs as defined in, and in reliance on, Rule 144A under the Securities Act.

• The Company and pre-IPO shareholders are expected to be subject to customary lock-up arrangements.

• The Ordinary Shares are expected to be admitted to Level 1 of the List of Securities Admitted to Trading on Moscow Exchange. Prior to this Offering, there has been no public market for the Ordinary Shares.

• Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan and VTB Capital are acting as Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners. BCS Global Markets, Renaissance Capital, Sberbank and Tinkoff are acting as Joint Bookrunners.

• If and when the anticipated Offering is launched, any additional details will be disclosed in the offering memorandum published by the Company, which will be made available on the Company’s website.

Renaissance Insurance highlights

• Digital disruptor and pioneer in the Russian insurance market. Renaissance Insurance has successfully pioneered digital innovations that differentiate it from competitors and drive organic growth. Digitalisation runs through the Group’s entire value chain from distribution (direct online and indirect channels, as well as partnerships and digitalisation of traditional channels), underwriting and claims handling, to back office and operational efficiency. All of the Group’s initiatives and their successful implementations are supported by an agile organisational structure and an entrepreneurial culture that are quick to adapt and deliver. The Group’s innovative digital products include the Budu app, the gateway to the Group’s Digital Health ecosystem, which is designed to capitalise on the high growth potential that the Group sees in the Russian health services market and opportunities for offering B2C and B2B insurance and non-insurance services.

• Leading independent Russian insurer across life and non-life segments. The Group is a market leader in life insurance and the fourth largest non-life insurance company among the independent (non-captive, non-state) insurance players in Russia, based on gross written premiums (GWP) for the years ended 31 December 2020 and 2019. In 2020, the Group had 11% market share by total GWP in the life segment, more than double that of the second largest independent life insurer in Russia. In non-life insurance, the Group had a 3.4% market share by total GWP during the same period. Based on total GWP, the Group was the eighth largest insurance company in Russia in 2020. Non-Life GWP represented 45% and Life GWP represented 55% of the Group’s total GWP for the year ended 31 December 2020.

• Superior growth and substantial potential of Russian insurance market. The Russian insurance market has grown faster than the global average, with a CAGR for GWP of 11% between 2010 and 2020. Sector GWP reached RUB 1,537 billion in 2020, approximately three times the level of 2010, according to the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) data. Between 2010 and 2020, the more mature non-life insurance sector demonstrated attractive growth with a CAGR of 8%, while the emerging life insurance sector grew tremendously with a CAGR of 34%. At the same time, the market remains significantly underpenetrated compared to other EMEA markets, indicating further fundamental potential for accelerated expansion. According to KPMG, the Russian insurance market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11% between 2020 and 2024, with GWP reaching RUB 2.3 trillion.

• Robust financial performance, with faster growth and superior profitability compared to peers. Renaissance Insurance achieved a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% for GWP from 2017 to 2020, almost double the annual CAGR for GWP (9%) of the other top-10 insurance players, according to the Company and CBR data. The recent growth is in line with the Group’s long-term trends: the Group grew its GWP by 6.5x between 2010 and 2020, from RUB 12.8 billion(1) to RUB 82.8 billion, primarily driven by organic expansion and value accretive M&A transactions. This attractive growth profile has been accompanied by high profitability. The Group’s return on tangible equity (RoATE) for the years ended 31 December 2020 and 31 December 2019 reached 29% on average, significantly higher than the 19% on average achieved by the other top-10 players(2) for the same period, based on companies’ IFRS financial statements. Net profit grew at a CAGR of 18% from approximately RUB 3.4 billion in 2018 to approximately RUB 4.7 billion in 2020. Under its dividend policy, the Company aims to pay out dividends in the amount of at least 50% of consolidated net profit on an annual basis. Decisions on the recommended dividend amount will be made subject to the Group’s investment needs in terms of business development (including M&A), the achievement of key strategic goals and compliance with capital adequacy and other regulatory requirements.

• Experienced management team with a strong leadership track record supported by highly regarded founder and entrepreneurial long-term shareholders. The Renaissance Insurance management team has many years of successful experience at Russian financial and non-financial companies. Key members of the team have worked at the Group for more than 10 years. Renaissance Insurance CEO Yulia Gadliba has been voted one of Russia’s top women CEOs by Forbes Russia for the past three years. Renaissance Life CEO Oleg Kiselev has been with the Company since its foundation and has been a key player in the development of the Russian life insurance market. The Company was founded by Boris Jordan, a US-Russian businessman and entrepreneur who has built successful businesses in the US, Europe and Russia (and has taken US and European businesses public). In addition to Holding Renaissance Insurance LLC (52.12%), whose main beneficial owners are Boris Alexis Jordan, Mary Louise Ferrier, Dmitry Bakatin and Sergei Riabtsov, the Group’s shareholders include Notivia Ltd (12.08%) beneficially owned by Baring Vostok, Centimus Investments (9.99%) beneficially owned by Roman Abramovich, Laypine Ltd (9.55%) beneficially owned by Alexander Abramov, Bladeglow Limited (4.77%) beneficially owned by Alexander Frolov, Andrey Gorodilov (4.33%) and Spetsinvestservis LLC (7.16%) co-owned by Sputnik Group Ltd. and its partners (which is in the process of transferring its stake in Renaissance Insurance to Sputnik Management Services Limited), all of whom recognise the substantial potential of the Russian insurance market.

Renaissance Insurance financial highlights (RUB bln) Year ended 31 December
In 1H 2021, GWP reached RUB 47.7 billion, an increase of 38% year-on-year; non-life GWP rose by 23% and life GWP grew by 53% year-on-year during the first six months of 2021. The GWP increases for both business lines during 1H 2021 were faster than the overall growth of their respective market segments during the same period.

Russian insurance sector segment overview

Key segments in the non-life insurance sector are:

• Motor insurance is the largest insurance group of non-life products and one of the pioneer products in the Russian insurance market. The product offering consists of two main insurance products: motor own damage (MOD) and compulsory third-party liability (CMTPL).

• Health insurance consists of two products, voluntary medical insurance (VMI, both corporate and individual) and travel insurance, which are different by nature, but are reported jointly by the CBR under health insurance.

• Accident insurance, primarily general accident insurance, with an insignificant share of travel, passengers’, patients’ and employees’ accident insurance.

• Property insurance, consisting of corporate and individual property insurance.
Life insurance includes the following main groups of products:

• Savings insurance, which includes endowment life insurance, combining long-term capital accumulation and insurance coverage (death, disability, critical illness); and investment life insurance, which is a single premium savings product with a significant investment component combined with a guarantee of a premium refund upon maturity and risk coverage;

• Credit life insurance, which covers the debt of a borrower in the event of the policyholder’s death, permanent and/or temporary disability, sickness, unemployment, etc.

• Other life insurance products, such as risk insurance, for instance, formed less than 5% of the life insurance GWP in 2020.

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(1)Calculated as a sum of GWP of Renaissance Insurance and Renaissance Life on a stand-alone basis.

(2)Excluding Sberbank Insurance and VTB-SOGAZ, the largest banking group captive player and a company with different business structure.

(3)Administrative Cost Ratio is calculated as administrative expenses divided by gross written premiums.
(4)Net Profit Ratio is calculated as net profit divided by gross written premiums.

(5)Return on Tangible Equity is calculated as the sum of net profit for the last 12 months adjusted for amortisation of value of business in force divided by the average total equity adjusted for goodwill plus intangible assets plus value of business in force for the specified period.

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¹ According to Expert RA ranking for Q1 2021
² According to audited IFRS financial statements for FY 2020
³ Total investment portfolio managed by the company and third-party providers
⁴ According to Masmi research for February 2021, and according to sravni.ru for June 2021.
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