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Third-party-liability insurance from Renaissance Insurance now available through Svyaznoy
1 July 2021

Renaissance Insurance is one of the first insurance companies to launch sales of third-party-liability insurance at Svyaznoy stores and on the company’s website.
Applying for an insurance policy is quick and easy at any of the 2,600 Svyaznoy stores throughout Russia. Customer have to provide a store employee with their passport, driving licence and vehicle documentation. It takes no more than 10 minutes to complete the application procedure. Once payment is made, the policyholder receives their policy documentation by e-mail.

To obtain a policy, customers do not need to visit a Renaissance Insurance office. Everything can be done on the site svyaznoy.ru, and an electronic policy can be received within a few minutes by e-mail.
Policies cover the risks of harming third parties in the amount of RUB 400 thousand and accident insurance in the amount of RUB 500 thousand. The entire claims process takes place through the popular WhatsApp messenger.

“An integrated approach to services for Svyaznoy customers is a priority for us. And we are committed to partnering with companies that can supplement our customers’ choice of financial and insurance services. We are delighted that our customers are able to purchase third-party-liability insurance from Renaissance Insurance, a reliable insurance provider. Considering the constantly growing number of motorists and the vehicle market as a whole, we believe that the sale of third-party-liability insurance is a promising area for Svyaznoy. And the recent changes regarding third-party-liability insurance that exempt motorists from providing proof of a vehicle inspection create new opportunities for Svyaznoy in the insurance market. In addition, customers have long appreciated the fact that they can make day-to-day payments and carry out financial transactions at a nearby Svyaznoy store on their way home or to work”, said Maxim Sledkov, Vice President for Telecommunications and Financial Services at Svyaznoy.

Renaissance Insurance is a universal insurance company operating nationwide. It has a high credit rating (ruAA- from RAEX), more than 20 years of experience in the market and a strong position among the 10 best insurance companies. For more information about the company, see https://www.renins.com/

Svyaznoy is a high-tech retail chain and the largest online smartphone retailer in Russia. The company has more than 2,600 stores in 1,100 Russian cities and more than 13,000 sales consultants who serve more than a million customers a day. The key focus of Svyaznoy’s work is to be a guide to the world of technology for the widest audience possible. This goal can be achieved through the company’s own online sales platform, close interaction with vendors and service developers as well as the development of its own niche products.
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