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Renaissance Life and Banki.ru Create Financial Product Generator
02 February 2022

The Banki.ru financial supermarket and Renaissance Life insurance company have teamed up to create an effective tool for personal budget management based on a financial product generator.

Living within one’s means, saving and investing are very important skills that, as a rule, are not taught in school or at university. It seems that increasing one’s income would solve the problem, but spending actually increases in line with income growth – to make life more comfortable. Renaissance Life offers a solution based on the pay-yourself-first principle: with the help of flexible savings programmes, users can increase their net worth, thus ensuring a secure future for themselves and their loved ones.

So that everyone can choose a money management tool that suits them personally, a special section has been added to the Banki.ru website that will include special services enabling customers to:

- learn to use basic money management tools;
- optimise their spending and savings with the help of a “personal planning” function;
- plan goal-oriented savings: when choosing a goal, the generator will select the optimal programme, term and amount needed to achieve the goal;
- independently add or remove aspects of the offer.

For example, disability insurance can be added to a savings programme: in the event of an insured event, the company will make regular programme payments for you so that, by the date of maturity, you will receive the entire amount specified in the contract.

The website section will be regularly updated with useful materials, instructions and analyses of life insurance products, educational courses, financial simulators and exclusive product selections.
“We are very pleased to have launched a joint long-term project with Renaissance Life. Endowment life insurance has become an integral part of the portfolios of individuals in most countries. The latest digital technologies make it easier to purchase and use of such products, thus making them more accessible. Together with Renaissance Life, we want to debunk all the myths surrounding this line of insurance, to provide our users with as much information and product support as possible, and to help them achieve their financial goals,” said Alexey Novikov, Head of Investments at Banki.ru.

“Thanks to Renaissance Life’s tech-based business processes and services, we can now customise products as complex as endowment life insurance online in order to meet the individual needs of the customer. I am confident that our partnership with Banki.ru, one of the Runet’s main financial portals, will provide a synergistic effect, and together we will be able to convey the idea and value of long-term life insurance to millions of Russians, offering an optimal solution in every specific case,” said Sergei Faizov, Vice President for Strategic Development at Renaissance Life.

Users can speak with a Renaissance Life representative and get expert advice through the online chat available in the new section of the website.
More detailed information about the project is available on Banki.ru’s website: https://banki-life.ru
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