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Renaissance Insurance Group is a digital disruptor in the Russian insurance market. The Group has a proven track record of innovation that differentiates it from traditional industry players and fosters organic business growth:

Providing retail sales and services through digital channels: online billing, online sales, automated settlement and payments.

Using blockchain technologies, big data and multifactorial scoring in key projects.

Developing a health management ecosystem, including our telemedicine platform and creating the medtech company Budu.

Putting in place a flexible business model with highly diversified revenue streams driving sustainable growth and profitability.

Our multichannel approach, digital infrastructure and service automation enable business growth without significant cost growth.

The group is growing its business in key segments twice as fast as its main competitors. The Group’s gross written premiums grew at a CAGR in 2017 – 2020 of 17% vs 9% for the top 10 players in the Russian market.

consistently high RoATE (more than 30% on average for 2018-2020).

successful investment management.

target dividend payout ratio of no less than 50% of net profit.
One of the best profitability metrics in the sector:

Renaissance Insurance Group

Leading independent all-purpose player in Russian insurance market

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