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Renaissance Insurance named general partner for “Discover Your Own Russia” nationwide project
2 September 2021

As part of “Discover Your Own Russia”, a nationwide project aimed at developing conceptual tourist routes, participating travel companies will present new routes that they have developed themselves. In addition, the project partners have identified certain thematic categories. Renaissance Insurance chose “Conquer 4 Elements”, covering routes for active and extreme tourism. The winning route must ensure the largest number of memorable impressions while maintaining complete safety.
“For us, participation in the project is an opportunity to convey a philosophy of safety in developing domestic tourism in Russia. We are confident that our extensive experience and understanding of the market will bring useful expertise to the project, as well as essential peace of mind in any situation – for both project participants and future tourists”, says Renaissance Insurance CEO Yulia Gadliba.
The project is organised by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives with the support of Rostourism, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Culture.
Project sponsors include Mastercard, Medsi, Aeroflot, Roscosmos, Kaspersky Lab and Mars Petcare.
During the final round of the competition, to be held at the end of November 2021, the 99 best routes will be evaluated by experts and the competition committee, chaired by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. The finals will determine the 30 winning tourist routes as well as the winners in the categories chosen by project partners. In addition, Rostourism will select a number of routes that will be considered for the label of “National Brand Route”. The project will also result in the development of an algorithm for designing tourist products, and 99 conceptual tourist routes will appear on the map of Russia.
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