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Renaissance Insurance CEO Yulia Gadliba among top three insurance executives
28 September 2021

The “Top 1,000 Russian Managers” rating has been identifying the most professional managers in Russia every year since 2001. The principle underlying the rating is that the best select the best; in other words, the leading top managers evaluate other top managers.
Yulia Gadliba took part in the rating, held by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House, for the first time.

The jury of experts and the professional community gave the Renaissance Insurance CEO a high rating for her managerial abilities, placing Yulia among the top three executives in the insurance industry.
The annual “Top 1,000 Russian Managers” rating, which the Russian Managers Association has been producing since 2001, summarises the results of the year and identifies the most professional managers in Russia. As part of the expert voting process, the best top managers evaluate the performance of other top managers. The list of the 1,000 managers with the highest scores is published every year in Kommersant, a newspaper with nationwide coverage. Those managers who finish among the leaders in the “Top 1,000 Russian Managers” rating are nominated for Russian Managers Association awards.
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