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Renaissance Insurance opens its own medical centre in St Petersburg
24 February 2021

The company has opened a new clinic in the centre of St Petersburg at 2-4/B Kuznechny Pereulok.
The Renaissance Clinic will be hiring doctors in 32 specialisations from internal medicine to dietetics.
Both Renaissance Insurance customers with private health insurance and the general public will be able to receive convenient, high-quality medical care every day from 8:00 to 21:00.

The clinic’s doctors will also provide a telemedicine service, which is included as part of the private health insurance programmes for all of the company’s customers. Last year saw a real boom in online medical consultations. The company’s doctors provided consultations for 13 thousand customers online, a tenfold increase from 2019.

Renaissance Insurance now provides its customers with a unique full-cycle health management system: at the office, at home, through online consultations and now also through in-person appointments.

“Most of the initial consultations and the interpretation of test results (which together account for 55% of all calls) are still more convenient to get online; to get a diagnosis, patients can visit a doctor they’ve met through the chat function. Now our customers are able to communicate with the same doctors in person as in online consultations. This is very convenient and of utmost importance for our customers”, said Alexey Obraztsov, head of the Renaissance Clinic.
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