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Renaissance Insurance develops support programme for COVID-19 vaccination
19 July 2021

A new private health insurance product from Renaissance Insurance covers vaccination against COVID-19. Informational and psychological support, health monitoring and check-ups and, if necessary, treatment are included at all stages of the vaccination process. The cost of on-site vaccination starts at RUB 2,000 per employee. At the same time, insurance costs can be written off as a business expense, which is not the case if a contract for vaccination is signed with a clinic, for example.

“A lot of companies are facing the challenge of vaccinating their staff. We have broken this down into several stages, and we can offer a solution for each one”, said Svetlana Bazarenko, Head of Product Management and Sales Support at Renaissance Insurance. “Informational support (a FAQ landing page, webinars, motivational videos, psychological support) will help convince the vaccine-hestitant. Furthermore, doctors from the Renaissance Clinic offer telemedicine appointments to monitor individuals’ health – before, on the day of and following vaccination – with the help of a mobile app.”

In case of any complications, the policy guarantees an ambulance service, hospitalisation, rehabilitation and a health check-up.

This insurance can be purchased either as a part of a package or as a separate product.
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