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Renaissance Insurance launches new critical-illness treatment programme
13 October 2021

In guaranteeing treatment for cancer and cardiovascular diseases, neurosurgery and bone marrow transplants, the programme covers everything needed for treatment: from consensus on a diagnosis to paying for advanced high-tech treatment, consumables and medicines, and postoperative observation. It also includes additional essential services, such as flights and the cost of accommodations at an inpatient facility for an individual accompanying the patient.
“As a rule, private health insurance doesn’t cover the treatment of critical illnesses”, says Svetlana Bazarenko, Director of Product Management and Sales Support at Renaissance Insurance. “And socially responsible companies are interested primarily in protecting their employees from such life-threatening diseases so as not to leave them to deal with a deadly illness on their own. Unfortunately, you can’t always count on fast assistance through compulsory medical insurance – there are quotas, queues and waiting times, and often additional expenses for services and medicines.”
Travel assistance is provided by the Israeli company Madanes, which has many years of experience in arranging assistance in Russia and around the world. This is especially important for those cases where the help of a foreign clinic is required. In general, treatment under the programme takes place in Russia, but in the case of a bone marrow transplant, for example, the best options for the patient are often available abroad.
“One thing that sets the new programme apart is its thorough coverage and focus on the patient. It protects against just about every one of most common life-threatening cardiovascular diseases, cancers and diseases of the brain. The programme doesn’t have any artificial restrictions. For example, if it’s impossible to verify a cancer diagnosis through histology or cytology, clinical confirmation is sufficient.
“At the same time, the programme covers expenses of up to RUB 6 million (or up to RUB 30 million for a bone marrow transplant). The cost per insured person, depending on the average age of the employees and the programme coverage, ranges from RUB 600 to RUB 6,000 per person per year for a team of 50 people”, says Ms Bazarenko.
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