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Renaissance Insurance begins selling third-party-liability insurance at branches of Russian Post
5 August 2021

Customers can now apply for third-party-liability insurance from Renaissance Insurance at branches of Russian Post throughout the country.
Policies cover the risks of harming third parties in the amount of RUB 400 thousand and accident insurance in the amount of RUB 500 thousand.
Russian Post employees can help calculate the cost of similar policies from different insurance providers – taking into account the individual’s driving experience and driving style as well as the features of their car – choose the best option and issue an electronic policy for third-party-liability insurance. To conclude a contract, only three documents are needed: proof of vehicle registration or ownership (including in electronic format), a passport and a driving licence. The issued policy is sent to the customer by e-mail. It does not need to be printed: the policyholder only needs to provide the document series and number or display it on their telephone.
The entire claims process for Renaissance Insurance customers takes place through the popular WhatsApp messenger.
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